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a better way to cook...

Small-batch, cooking sauces handcrafted with fresh, all natural ingredients.

Step-by-step instructions for making simple, delicious meals and side dishes.

Cooking Demos
Follow along as our chefs create your favorite dishes in minutes.

Red Fork is for people who are passionate about great food

It all started in a restaurant kitchen after hours. Our small group of Chicago-based chefs started talking about the foods we cook for each other, friends and families on our days off. Turns out, our personal “Sunday supper clubs,” feature full-flavored dishes that come together in no time.


Our Red Fork products help us make dinner we’re proud to bring to the table. We can focus on catching up with friends and family instead of reducing stocks and making sauces. Red Fork allows us to sit down to eat a meal. Our dinner conversations flow from the minute we start cooking through the last clean pot.


In between meals, we explore new restaurants, local producers and farmers’ markets. We even take “food vacations” searching out the best artisan producers, from organic bread bakers in San Francisco to old-world cheese makers in Wisconsin. Our line of specialty food products capture the essence of our favorite food finds.


Made in small batches with fresh ingredients

Our products inspire the home cook and nourish body and soul. Each recipe is handcrafted with natural ingredients, free of preservatives, trans fats, colorings and artificial ingredients. At Red Fork, we know that the best American cooks embrace flavors from all over the globe while staying true to an unmistakable American spirit.


It’s a Better Way to Cook.